UofL: A Green University

The University of Louisville is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with the long-term goal of carbon neutrality. The university's plan for making progress toward climate neutrality is dynamic and multifaceted. We recognize that sustainability demands progress on multiple fronts and that lasting change cannot be achieved without coordinated efforts campus-wide. The University has adopted a variety of steps to lead our institution down a path toward climate neutrality, specifically focusing on the following initiatives: green purchasing; energy conservation and efficiency; renewable energy; carbon sequestration; master planning; green building design; composting and horticultural practices; behavior change; recycling; transportation; food; and carbon offsets.

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J.B. Speed School of Engineering
UofL's School of Engineering, with academic departments in Bio-, Chemical-, Civil & Environmental-, Computer- & Computer Science, Electrical & Computer-, Fundamentals, Industrial-, and Mechanical Engineering.

Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center
KPPC is Kentucky's primary resource to help business, industries, and other organizations develop environmentally sustainable, cost-saving solutions for improved efficiency.

Renewable Energy Applications Laboratory
Because fossil fuel resources are limited and contribute to global climate change, the world is beginning an unavoidable transition toward renewable energy. REAL is dedicated to the development of technology to make this transition possible and outreach to encourage widespread adoption of sustainable practices.

Micro/Nano Technology Center
Providing fabrication and design services for numerous MEMS, microelectronic, electro-optic and nanotechnology applications. Services begin at the device design level and continue through single-step processing, complete device prototyping and small-scale production.

Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development
KIESD provides access to research, news and events about Kentucky's environment and sustainable development.

Commitment to a sustainable future. It's happening here.
The University of Louisville is committed to integrating sustainability into everything we do - from how we manage our facilities, finances and people to what we teach in the classroom and what we research in the lab. Use this site to learn more about our on-going UofL sustainability initiatives and to explore the many ways you can get involved and help us create a better world right here, right now.

University of Louisville Sustainable Operations
The Vice President for Business Affairs is committed to fostering leadership in the area of sustainability. VP Larry Owsley chairs the Sustainable Operations Committee of the Sustainability Council and works with university operations units to improve sustainable operations including such areas as local foods, energy management, and LEED certifications.

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